Wednesday 11/11/15

“Your misses count as practice just as much as your makes do. Not only is it practice in the physical, technical sense, i.e. you’re practicing the movement that produces a miss, but, more importantly, you’re practicing mentally to miss. If missing is a regular occurrence in your training, it’s a serious problem you need to address both through adjustments in your programming and in your approach to your training.” – Greg Everett


Skill Transfer:  Jerk Balance 3-3-3-3

  1.  Split Jerks:  3-3-3-2-2

*Blocks are ok during this training cycle.

2.  Push Press (behind the neck):  5-5-5-5

3.  Overhead Squat:  3-3-3-3

4.  Barbell Good-Morning:  4×10


Monday 11/9/15

Today we are going to work up to a 1RM Snatch, and then work up to a 1RM Clean & Jerk.  Today marks the conclusion of the first CrossFit Lift Off online competition.  Several of our members registered to compete, so we are going to take this afternoon’s session to help create an atmosphere that will hopefully lead to some PR lifts!!!  Even if you did not register, it is still a great chance to test where you are and have a great time lifting in a great atmosphere.  If you did register, don’t forget about the deadline for submitting scores.  Scores for all three parts of the Lift Off must be submitted by 6:00pm Colorado time (5:00pm pacific).


Ideally this should take about 1 hour.  Spend 20 minutes warming up.  This includes general warm up and dynamic movement, as well as any PVC and empty bar work.  Then take about 20 minutes to work up to a max snatch.  Once that is reached strip the bar down and spend about 20 minutes working up to a max C&J.

  1.  Snatch 1RM

2.  Clean & Jerk 1RM

Wednesday 10/27/15

“Any weight you make is better than any weight you miss.”

-Greg Everett

Keep this in mind during your training sessions.  We are trying to develop good movement patterns, and typically when we miss it is accompanied by a poor movement pattern.  Push the weights during training, but not to the point of forcing bad movement or failure.  Pushing the weight to this level should be saved for TESTING days, and those should only come around after several weeks of TRAINING days.

Skill Transfer:  Jerk Balance 3-3-3-3

  1.  Split Jerks:  3-3-3-3-3

*Blocks are ok during this training cycle.

2.  Push Press (behind the neck):  5-5-5-5

3.  Overhead Squat:  3-3-3-3

4.  Barbell Good-Morning:  4×10

Monday 10/26/15

As most of you know the Colorado State Championships are being held in Aurora in mid February 2016.  Today marks the start of our training cycle for this meet.  It is 16 weeks away, but in there we have Thanksgiving break and Christmas break.  Throw in a few deload weeks and we are left with about 12 weeks of hard training.  I am going to be posting 3 training days per week (M, W, Fr).  We will only have an official “Barbell Club Class” on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  The Friday training will be on your own like an open gym format.  I am putting a lot of effort into the waves/progressions in this cycle, and taking care to program complimentary CF WODs on Tuesday and Thursday so we can keep up with some conditioning and accessory work without beating ourselves up too much.  We will talk more details tonight at Barbell Club.

Skill Transfer:  Muscle Snatch 3-3-3-3

  1.  Hang Snatch (Above Knee):  3-3-3-3-3

*Bar must stay in your hands between reps.  You can only drop after the 3rd rep is finished.  Straps are OK.

2.  Halting Snatch Deadlift:  5-5-5-5

*2 second pause at the knee on every rep.

3.  Front Squat:  3-3-3-3

4.  Reverse Hypers:  4×15

Wednesday 10/21/15

Today we have a few options based on how tore up you are from the last few days.  If you did the sumo SDL’s in the CrossFit class on Monday, or the C2B’s and Pause Bench Press from yesterday, you may need an alternative option for some of today’s movements.  So we will have options for the Close Grip Bench, 1-Arm DB Rows, and Full GHD Raises.  Test it out and see if you can handle the normal program at full intensity.  If not try reducing the intensity (weight) by 20% or so from last week.  If you can’t the intensity reduction then go with alternative movements shown below in Red.


Skill:  Tall Clean 3-3-3-3

  1.  Clean from Blocks:  3-3-3-3-3

*Blocks should put the bar above the knee.

2.  Close Grip Bench:  5-5-5-5-5

3.  1-Arm DB Rows:  4×10

*Use the same weight for all four sets.

3 & 4.  Sled Press & Sled Row:  10 minutes constant movement; 50 yard lengths, alternating between presses and rows.

4a.  Strict GHD Raise:  4×10

4a.  GHD Hip Extension:  4×10

4b.  Hollow Rocks:  4×20

*These are a super-set.  Bounce back and forth between the movements with only short rests between movements.

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